About george

GNewman (5 of 34) Hi, I’m George and welcome to my website.

This website represents a new direction in my journey. For the majority of my life, I have been an accountant but that phase came to an end with my retirement at the end of February in 2014. As I approached retirement, I wanted to have something to occupy my time and since two of my passions have been travel and photography, I decided to combine the two and the result is this website. In the last year and a half I have been able to travel to some great places, have taken alot of pictures and have published 37 posts to my travel blog. I have some great trips scheduled and my challenge is capturing the essence of my travels with the camera and words. I am encouraged by my progress so far but there is much work to do and I am excited at the prospect of improving my craft. I don’t know where this will end up but I do know it will be fun along the way.

Whats in the bag

I primarily shoot Nikon and own two full frame DSLR’s a D750 and a D700. I have a great assortment of lenses and most of the periperals that go along with this system. In the last year, I purchased a mirrorless camera the Fuji XT-1 and some lenses that I use primarily for my overseas travel.

The advantages to the Nikon system are its great lenses and the quality images it produces. A disadvantage is its weight. Traveling in airplanes and through international airports can be a real pain. Another disadvantage is that it can be obtrusive when street shooting. The Fuji is light (as are its lenses), I can carry a complete setup in a small shoulder bag and it takes great images. I don’t want to have two systems but for the time being am going to split my time between both. I think the tipping point will be when Fuji comes out with some longer lenses (longer than 200mm) and a good macro lens ( I love my Nikkor 105mm Micro). I will make that decision when I get there.