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Leprechauns, Fairy Trees, dramatic green landscapes, listening to Irish music at Gogerty’s in Temple Bar and way too many pints of the black stuff (Guinness), Ireland is great. It is also a place you fall in love with!

This past August, we spent two weeks in Ireland visiting the west coast as well as Northern Ireland and Dublin. We did a guided tour with Tauck Tours and, as expected, they did a great job. The schedule was packed. We spent a maximum of two nights in any one location so we were living out of our suitcases for the most part, but that was necessary to cover all of the ground that we did. I am going to divide my blog into three parts: the visit to Western Ireland, to Northern Ireland ( a separate country) and back to the Republic of Ireland and Dublin. Continue reading »

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Cruising Southeast Alaska

GNewman (14 of 20)This is the third installment of our early July trip to Alaska. In the first blog, I discussed Totem Bight State Park and in the second, the time we spent at Denali. In this blog I want to talk about our cruise.

This is our third Alaska cruise and it is one of my favorite trips. Denali is great and the ports are OK, but to me the highlight is the visits to the Glaciers and Glacier Bay. Since we were cruising south, we first visited Hubbard Glacier, which is north of Yakutat. Hubbard is North America’s largest glacier at 76 miles long, 6 miles wide at its terminus and 1200 feet high. (800 feet of which is under the water). Glaciers are rivers of ice and at Hubbard it takes 400 years for ice to move the length of the glacier (which means the ice at the face is 400 years old) Continue reading »

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