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A place you probably have never heard of

Sark- La Seigneurie GardensAs evident from my prior posts, we like to cruise. We went on our first cruise in the early 90’s to the Caribbean but in 2008, we expanded our horizons and did an 11 day cruise in the Mediterranean. Since then we have gone on a cruise to Europe each year which has allowed us to see tons of places at a reasonable cost (many more and cheaper than we could have seen on the same number of land only trips). On a cruise you eat and drink well and can generally hook up with great people on Cruise Critic to share a private excursion. We don’t have an allegiance to any particular cruise line but primarily choose the cruises based on the itinerary. Usually the cruises we select have a number of great stops that we haven’t yet visited or that we have visited before but want to see more of. Sometimes some of the ports are ones that we don’t have an overwhelming desire to visit but end up turning out to be a pleasant surprise. Continue reading »

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