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lo amo Roma


Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini in Piazza Navona

Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini in Piazza Navona


I love Rome. For my first blog post, I want to write about one of my favorite places.  I have been to Rome several times and each time I go, the more I want to return. For my future trips, I want to spend some extended time there, instead of the brief visits in the past.

Rome is the combination of the ancient, renaissance and modern, sometimes side by side. There are the many remains of ancient Rome that had such an influence over civilization and most of Western Europe. It is the birthplace of Catholicism with many beautiful churches steeped in history and adorned with art from some of the world’s masters. Finally it is a place to relax amid the chaos and live on Italian time, have a great dinner with a carafe of house wine under the stars, and watch the world go on around you. Continue reading »

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